Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learn Type Fast in Ubuntu with Tux Typing

Learn type fast in ubuntu is very possible with Tux typing - a free Ubuntu education software.

Tux typing is a great way to learn how to type fast. With the letter and word appear in different beautiful graphical and learn accuracy in typing with keyboard.

Tux typing is great because beside we can learn how to type fast we also feel like playing game, so it can keep you no boring in learning typing in Ubuntu.


This game consist of some levels and we can chose which level we want to try, so just chose the level you want - you are free. In tux typing also include some lessons that can guide user how to type with right fingers position an it is easy to remember the fingers position.

I think tux typing is great education game that great for adults as well as kids.

Just browse in Software Center to install it, or with terminal to install it just type

sudo apt-get install tuxtype


  1. nice game. There are many educational game in Ubuntu and that make me love this operating system :)

    Tekno Muslim

    1. Yes, I love Ubuntu very much especially LTS version.

      Thank you for visiting.