Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ubuntu vs Lightweight Linux

For long time I have been using ubuntu as my primary Operating System because I install some OS in my computer beside ubuntu, but I use ubuntu most in my computing activities.

Here I will tell you about my experience about using ubuntu than other lightweight linux distributions.

Some times ago I tried some lightweight linux based on JWM, LXDE, XFCE etc, my focus and my purpose is about the speed. Yes, I try them in order to use my computer in fast computing such as applications and performance, they are really fast enough to doing some my jobs such as: just need a second to open application, fast booting, run applications etc.

But some things that I dislike is about feature and performance. I often find some problems such as not stable enough, find some crashes in my computer, no full of application support because some times it difficult to me to find some applications in lightweight linux distro, it different when I use ubuntu - almost every software and application I need, I can find and install it.

For me, ubuntu is rich of feature that support everything my job from applications and stability and ubuntu is ready for use.

It just my personal opinion how about you?


  1. Yes, Lubuntu is other lightweight ubuntu, so it is more stable, but my lubuntu 12.04 has error about abiword, I can not copy paste and the vertical scroll is disable.

    How about you Mufeed?