Monday, March 28, 2011

How to install printer driver Canon iP1980 in Ubuntu

One day I want to install Canon iP1980, after searching in Google, and finely I can do it.

First install the package libcupsys2 before installing the driver. Libcupsys2 package can be downloaded from here

then download this file:


then install as usual through the debian installer (double click)

Then download the driver from the Canon here

then choose your o.s linux

after that:
  1. put iP1900_debian_printer.tar on home folders
  2. right click extract here
  3. open terminal, type
  4. $ cd iP1900_debian_printer/
  5. continue to type anymore
  6. sudo dpkg-i *.deb
  7. wait until complete, then type sudo apt-get-f install
  8. completed
Continue to next step to turn on the printer, all right ... the printer is ready to be used to print.


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