Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why use ubuntu OS ?

The term ubuntu is getting popular nowadays maybe we've often heard the Ubuntu from the internet, from friends or others.

Yes, ubuntu is a family of Linux operating system the function is essential for manage our PC, without the OS our computer can not work. Just as with windows (my old friend), there are also MAC OS, FREE BSD, and many more.

The example above is some kind of OS and of course from every OS has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Maybe the most popular OS is Windows and you also perhaps are windows user.

Below are few things why I use ubuntu from other OS, and I suggest you can also try it without leaving your old OS, because ubuntu can install side by side with other OS, you can even try it without installing on your Hard Disk because ubuntu can be run directly from CD or USB.

Some advantages that I feel of Ubuntu are:

1. It is Beautiful

Ubuntu can look very beautiful and elegant with its 3D effects. One of them is with Compiz effects, if you want to know you can search it on youtube with the keyword Compiz ubuntu or the other. Even we could tweak as we want.

2. No Viruses

We have not to worry about virus in ubuntu because in ubuntu or other linux distro I have never find the virus. We know if our computers infected with viruses. Because life is too short if you only think about the virus. This occurs because Ubuntu is famous for its security.

3. Stable

Ubuntu Linux is very stable system so I rarely encounter any hangs. We know what happens if your computer is experiencing such a case. Certainly makes us dizzy.

4. Developed by programmers of the world

Unlike the other OS that only developed by the owner while the linux OS itself was developed by the programmers of the world because of its open source (so anyone can come and develop it, including you)

5. Its Free!

Yes Ubuntu is free, without having to pay to use it. You can download it from internet. And its free to use it, redistribute it, even to modify it.

6. Can make us smarter

Yes it's true, with using ubuntu we can be smarter because we'll get used to thinking of my experience, I know a lot about computer when using ubuntu. You can try for yourself to be able to prove it.

Yes, maybe just a few that I can tell based on my experiences. And still many others, there may be added based on your experience? let's discuss and share each other, more share more life ...

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