Friday, April 22, 2011

Creat an "Ubuntu Install" USB stick

Beside use CD Live Ubuntu to install Ubuntu we can also use USB / Flash Disk to install Ubuntu.

Maybe some reasons we have to use USB media to install Ubuntu because of our netbook or laptop there is not CD/DVD ROM inside, or maybe we want more practical to bring out Ubuntu OS in our packet, etc.

Some adventages from USB stick installation, we can use one media to have many OS inside we can switch one disto to other distro or older version of Ubuntu to newer version. To do this we can remove one disto inside USB stick then we can make it bootable again.

To make Ubuntu USB stick installation or make our USB bootable as follow:
First, make sure we have Ubuntu ISO file we can download directly from ubuntu website or copy from our friend. Then prepare USB stick at least 1 GB bigger is better.

Thenn chose System - Administration - Startup Disk Creator then browse your ISO file of Ubuntu and chose your USB stick then click Make startup disk then wait until it complete.

Now you can boot your computer from your USB or you can try some version of new Ubuntu like from live CD.

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