Friday, April 22, 2011

Have ubuntu speak to you

Have you ever think that your computer can speak? It's amazing just type some words or sentences then your ubuntu will say to you. It's quite simple we can use espeak.

Actually espeak work in partnership with Orca but we can call it directly from terminal or command-line, as follow:

$ espeak "Hello. I am new in here"

You can change "hello. I am new here" with other words up to you. By simply typing espeak, and then hitting Enter, whatever you type after this will be spoken. To quit, type Ctrl + d.

To switch voices, use the -v command option, but first you’ll need to find out the available voices, which can be done by typing: 

$ espeak --voices=en

For example, to speak “Welcome to Ubuntu Operating System” spoken in a Jamaican voice, you could type:

$ espeak -s 140 -v en-westindies "Welcome to Ubuntu Operating System"

In the above example we also added the -s command option, by which you can specify the speech speed in words per minute. The default value of 170 tends to be a little fast, especially when it comes to longer sentences.

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