Friday, April 15, 2011

How to print F4 or Folio Landscape in Ubuntu

Some days ago when I was doing my job to print some documents with format of the paper is F4 or I call it Folio (height 33 cm) with the Position of the paper or the orientation is Landscape I get the result that my document is cut from right side. Usually its okay when I print in Portrait orientation but not when I print in Landscape.

When I try some experiment, Finally I get the solution that is just to edit the Format of the Paper.

First, I chose Format Paper use Legal (height 35.5 cm) and then I edit the margin of the paper, that is I add some centimeters from left margins about 2.5 cm (35.5 cm - 33 cm).

For example when I want to print with each margin 1 cm, then I edit the margin of my paper:
Left = 3.5 cm (2.5 cm + 1 cm)
Right = 1 cm
Top = 1 cm
Bottom = 1 cm

When I want to print with each margin 2 cm, I edit my paper:
Left = 4.5 cm (2.5 cm + 2 cm)
Right = 2 cm
Top = 2 cm
Bottom = 2 cm

Next I just add 2.5 cm from left margin.