Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mail merge in OpenOffice

I have tried some methods to make mail merge in OpenOffice but it failed and I think also that the step is too long.

This what I can do to make mail merge that works and very simple I think 
  • Make sure that OpenOffice Database have been installed
  • We have made two documents (main document in OpenOffice Word, second document in OpenOffice Spreadsheet) then Close and save our Spreadsheet document
  • From OpenOffice Word, choose Insert - Fields - Other. Choose Database - Mail merge fields - Browse (choose our spreadsheet document)
  • Then we will see our Spreadsheet file in Database selection
  • Then double click our Spreadsheet file, Sheet, then choose which column you want to insert. Then click insert. We will find the link in our OpenOffice Word document and then close fields window.
  • The last step we will combine the document. Still in OpenOffice Word, click Tools - Mail Merge Wizard - Next ... Next ... & Next again until at last step Save, print, or send.
  • Then click Save merged documents - save as single document - Save Documents - Finish
    It also work when I do in LibreOffice.

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