Friday, January 20, 2012

Applications in ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system. It is easy to use, and come with many of common application that can handle my daily job from office, multimedia, graphic, online activities like browsing, blogging, etc.

There are thousands of free applications we can use in ubuntu, but my suggestion is just use application that we use only, because in my experience too many applications can make my ubuntu run slow. So I just install some that I use only.

These are some application that I install or I use in my ubuntu

OpenOffice - OpenOffice is very familiar with Ms Office, it easy to use & can handle almost my job in office activities, this application is most popular with linux user. To make OpenOffice more comfortable I install Windows fonts so when we open Ms Office word documents the result is good.

Firefox - Firefox is the browser I use often when I do online activities (like browsing, blogging etc.) although I install some browsers like Chrome & Opera. I also add some adds-on to make firefox usable like Youtube Downloader that I use it to download video from Youtube, I also add Google translate add-ons that I use it to translate some difficult word directly to my own language so I don't need to go to Google Translate page.

Pidgin - Pidgin is multi-protocol instant messaging that support many IM account. This is my favorite application that I use for chatting with my friend around the world.

Gimp - The graphic application to manipulate picture or photo like Photoshop. This application is the most complete graphic application I think because we can do many thing with Gimp.

Inkscape -  I also install this application in my Ubuntu I usually use this application to make logo and some jobs base on vector.

GNOME MPlayer - Although there is default movie player in my Ubuntu, I also install GNOME MPlayer because some times I need movie player that more complete like to show subtitle, etc.

That's just some application that I use in my Ubuntu and there are many good and free application just try it.

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