Saturday, May 5, 2012

Display Movie Subtitle in Ubuntu with Totem Movie Player

I like to watch Movie very much, beside I can enjoy the movie I also sometimes get a good motivation or positive values that I can learn from the movie.

I usually enjoy the movie with subtitle include in my own language to help me understand the story.

But for some occasions I can't see subtitle in movie I watch in Ubuntu, so I have to display the subtitle manually. How to display subtitle in Ubuntu with Totem Movie Player is simple.

How to display movie subtitle in Ubuntu with Totem Movie Player

1. Download the subtitle use Google and save in the same folder with your movie location. Extract it first if the file still in compressed file (.zip, .rar, etc) and make sure the movie file and the subtitle file have the same name (rename it). If we have had subtitle file, usually in '.srt' extension we have not to download it.

2. Play the movie with Totem Movie Player. In the Totem Menu click on View > Subtitles > Select Text Subtitles. Select .txt file.

Now you can see the subtitle when play the movie.

You can also automatically show subtitle when play movie in Totem Movie Player.

In the Top Menu click Edit > Preferences. Check Load subtitle file when movie is loaded 

You can also try another another better the most popular movie player like VLC Player that is very good in displaying subtitle movie in Ubuntu.

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