Monday, April 9, 2012

Install Software/application in Ubuntu

Installing software or applications in ubuntu is usual thing to do if we need some additional applications in order to do some specific task.

To do this in ubuntu is quiet easy.

Here are some ways that I usually do when I want to add some applications in my lovely ubuntu machine.

Ubuntu Software Center

This is my favorite way to install aplication in ubuntu, because I think this is the easier way to do and also there are many kind of applications there.

Just go to Application - Ubuntu Software Center then choose an Application from the list or type in the search box to search the Application then click Install then type your password required.

Synaptic Package Manager

When I can't find software I need in Ubuntu Software Center, I use Synaptic Package Manager as second alternate. In here the software list is very complex and has uncommon name so I use Search Box to find the software and do Install.


My third choice to install software is Terminal (console) we can find it under Application - Accessories - Terminal. This is based in text so to do some actions we have to type the command manually.

First when terminal open, just type sudo su
Then we have to type the password
Then I usually type sudo apt-get install firefox (for example if I want to install firefox browser, then you can change the firefox with your favorite application you want to install.

Use .deb file

The other choice usually I download manually the software in .deb extension  from internet then save in my computer and to install it just double click the .deb file.

Tips: Just install software only you need, and remove or uninstall the software that you don't need. Because in my experience too many software can make my ubuntu run little slow but that's no problem if you like some software installed in your ubuntu.

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