Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learn Type Fast in Ubuntu with Tux Typing

Learn type fast in ubuntu is very possible with Tux typing - a free Ubuntu education software.

Tux typing is a great way to learn how to type fast. With the letter and word appear in different beautiful graphical and learn accuracy in typing with keyboard.

Tux typing is great because beside we can learn how to type fast we also feel like playing game, so it can keep you no boring in learning typing in Ubuntu.


This game consist of some levels and we can chose which level we want to try, so just chose the level you want - you are free. In tux typing also include some lessons that can guide user how to type with right fingers position an it is easy to remember the fingers position.

I think tux typing is great education game that great for adults as well as kids.

Just browse in Software Center to install it, or with terminal to install it just type

sudo apt-get install tuxtype

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for Netbook

For long time I have been a Ubuntu user and almost all my time I used Ubuntu in my daily activities for computing.

I like Ubuntu LTS version begin from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and now I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Because for me Ubuntu LTS is more stable and it is supported for long time - 5 years for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04 is good for Netbook

I download Ubuntu 12.04 and install it in my Netbook Acer Aspire One 1 G of RAM, Processor 1.66 GHz, I install Ubuntu 12.04 from USB drive and just about some minutes to complete (it really fast).

Ubuntu 12.04 is saving power on my Netbook. It means getting a longer battery life on my Netbook. In my Netbook ubuntu 12.04 is longer life than Ubuntu 10.04 and my Netbook life almost same when I use Windows 7 in battery life. That is why I love Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04 also fast in my Netbook and I can run all my job from blogging, watching movies, doing graphic with gimp and Inkscape, Office with LibreOffice etc.

With Unity as default Desktop Environment (DE) make Ubuntu 12.04 is good for Desktop PC, Laptop and Netbook so we do not need Ubuntu Netbook Remix any more.

And personally I like Unity interfaces because besides its look modern Unity also easier to use and faster.

I like default interfaces in Ubuntu 12.04 like themes etc, because for me the default setting is the best for user that the Developer design. But if we don't like the default, we are free to customise the appearance as we want. We can make Ubuntu looks like Mac OS etc.

What do you like from Ubuntu 12.04?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Display Movie Subtitle in Ubuntu with Totem Movie Player

I like to watch Movie very much, beside I can enjoy the movie I also sometimes get a good motivation or positive values that I can learn from the movie.

I usually enjoy the movie with subtitle include in my own language to help me understand the story.

But for some occasions I can't see subtitle in movie I watch in Ubuntu, so I have to display the subtitle manually. How to display subtitle in Ubuntu with Totem Movie Player is simple.

How to display movie subtitle in Ubuntu with Totem Movie Player

1. Download the subtitle use Google and save in the same folder with your movie location. Extract it first if the file still in compressed file (.zip, .rar, etc) and make sure the movie file and the subtitle file have the same name (rename it). If we have had subtitle file, usually in '.srt' extension we have not to download it.

2. Play the movie with Totem Movie Player. In the Totem Menu click on View > Subtitles > Select Text Subtitles. Select .txt file.

Now you can see the subtitle when play the movie.

You can also automatically show subtitle when play movie in Totem Movie Player.

In the Top Menu click Edit > Preferences. Check Load subtitle file when movie is loaded 

You can also try another another better the most popular movie player like VLC Player that is very good in displaying subtitle movie in Ubuntu.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Install Software/application in Ubuntu

Installing software or applications in ubuntu is usual thing to do if we need some additional applications in order to do some specific task.

To do this in ubuntu is quiet easy.

Here are some ways that I usually do when I want to add some applications in my lovely ubuntu machine.

Ubuntu Software Center

This is my favorite way to install aplication in ubuntu, because I think this is the easier way to do and also there are many kind of applications there.

Just go to Application - Ubuntu Software Center then choose an Application from the list or type in the search box to search the Application then click Install then type your password required.

Synaptic Package Manager

When I can't find software I need in Ubuntu Software Center, I use Synaptic Package Manager as second alternate. In here the software list is very complex and has uncommon name so I use Search Box to find the software and do Install.


My third choice to install software is Terminal (console) we can find it under Application - Accessories - Terminal. This is based in text so to do some actions we have to type the command manually.

First when terminal open, just type sudo su
Then we have to type the password
Then I usually type sudo apt-get install firefox (for example if I want to install firefox browser, then you can change the firefox with your favorite application you want to install.

Use .deb file

The other choice usually I download manually the software in .deb extension  from internet then save in my computer and to install it just double click the .deb file.

Tips: Just install software only you need, and remove or uninstall the software that you don't need. Because in my experience too many software can make my ubuntu run little slow but that's no problem if you like some software installed in your ubuntu.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Applications in ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system. It is easy to use, and come with many of common application that can handle my daily job from office, multimedia, graphic, online activities like browsing, blogging, etc.

There are thousands of free applications we can use in ubuntu, but my suggestion is just use application that we use only, because in my experience too many applications can make my ubuntu run slow. So I just install some that I use only.

These are some application that I install or I use in my ubuntu

OpenOffice - OpenOffice is very familiar with Ms Office, it easy to use & can handle almost my job in office activities, this application is most popular with linux user. To make OpenOffice more comfortable I install Windows fonts so when we open Ms Office word documents the result is good.

Firefox - Firefox is the browser I use often when I do online activities (like browsing, blogging etc.) although I install some browsers like Chrome & Opera. I also add some adds-on to make firefox usable like Youtube Downloader that I use it to download video from Youtube, I also add Google translate add-ons that I use it to translate some difficult word directly to my own language so I don't need to go to Google Translate page.

Pidgin - Pidgin is multi-protocol instant messaging that support many IM account. This is my favorite application that I use for chatting with my friend around the world.

Gimp - The graphic application to manipulate picture or photo like Photoshop. This application is the most complete graphic application I think because we can do many thing with Gimp.

Inkscape -  I also install this application in my Ubuntu I usually use this application to make logo and some jobs base on vector.

GNOME MPlayer - Although there is default movie player in my Ubuntu, I also install GNOME MPlayer because some times I need movie player that more complete like to show subtitle, etc.

That's just some application that I use in my Ubuntu and there are many good and free application just try it.